Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nightmare of You.

I keep posting albums that I say, "this isn't really my thing," or "I know this isn't really my style." Then why do I keep listening to it?

Perhaps my style is changing.

Cause I like Nightmare of You.

It's poetic; It's so happy it's absurd.

But that it's another ex-Glassjaw member rationalizes my appreciation for this bubble gum.

Songs like Thumbelina with decidedly strum-able licks and blatantly bi-sexual lyrics that don't rhyme make me happy. Who doesn't like lesbians (NSFW)?

Ok. Besides these guys, that is.

See, I think the Killers are a bunch of twats. Only slightly less twatty than Hellogoodbye. Franz Ferdinand has written one good song. Those who attended the BRMC show in 2004 know that The Rapture blow more than a bukkake star. So the whole booty-shaking rock thing never shook my booty. Hell, I never thought I had a booty to shake. But My Name is Trouble has that same flavour. That's right, flavour. I'm international. I spell things with a 'u' now. It hints at Enjoy the Silence, but with a little less, uh, you know, flair. It's got a beat, a great guitar melody, and decidedly wussy lyrics. It only slightly redeems itself with a head bobbing bridge.

Through it all, it's fantastic.

In Dear Scene, I Wish I Were Deaf, there's the line:

Start a band or throw a brick/You lazy hipsters make me sick

Isn't that enough?

I think even Toonces will like this one. Jafar will know seventeen bands with one word names who do the same style of music. Rittah will hit we with my BC Rich for listening to this. Screech will listen to anything I post. Blossom is too busy growing a beard, daydreaming about Edie Vedder's adams apple and prtesting something. Woody will not even read this, but will get stoned enough to lose his couch. Again. And Biff is gonna put a on a Family guy T-shirt and prance through field of daisies listening to this on his iPod Mini. "Everyone knows they're for girls!"


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