Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Lover, The Lord Has Left Us . . .

It's been months.

But since my last post I've been in four countries, ran a 100-room hotel in a developing nation, and banged your sister.

What's your excuse Feldheim?

Given my remote dealie, I am so not hip to the scene. But I heard this album and thought it was. . .different.

But then again, I saw a picture of these dudes. They wear masks.

We all know how I feel about masks when it comes to music.

Lover, The Lord Has Left Us . . . is the sophomore disc from The Sound of Animals Fighting. I had heard it was a side project of a bunch of emo wussies and that it was progressive. Did that deter me? No. But the band is named after roars and the sound shredding of flesh. And they frickin wear mask! I thought I'd stumbled upon the ultimate metal, sort of like an Earth Crisis/Lamb of God/ABBA combination.

But no. I shoulda known. This:

is just not as bad ass as this:

Seriously. The dude playing the warlock eats puts animal flesh in fire and eats it. Zing!

BUt not much could really prepare me for TSoAF. It's some weird, abstract Punjabi MC meets Aphex Twin, featuring the Beta Band, remixed by Fourtet. And produced by Architecture in Helsinki. You know, just the type of shit Woody and Jafar would listen to while smoking herb or making million dollar production deals.

So it's weird alright. But I'm only posting it for two reasons. One: in a press photo it looks like one dude is wearing a Pretty Hate Machine shirt.

And two: because of track 13, The Heretic. It's the Postal Service on valium with a hint of twinkly Reznor piano, a dirty Murder By Death beat, plus a hefty does of Van Halen 'Jump' synth thrown in for good measure.

I know it's not my style, but I think it's the song that that Coldplay douche wishes he had the balls to write.

So lemme know what you think.

Feldheim is back, baby.


Blogger Jafar said...


Thank you for getting us out of the slump.....(Where you at Feldheimians)?

Intersting album. I remember reading that this is one of those "mash up bands" but mash up referring to the members. They are all in different bands, and just submit snippets of music and then some prodcuer puts them all together.

also, since my avatar is Jafar, I would like to point out that track 4 has some persian (PERSIANS!!! - that's for you Ritter) in it. Caught me off guard.

I thought my Itunes had fucked up and gone from super hipster mask wearing almost famous semi mediocre musicians forming a weird band music to crappy electronic persian (redundant I know) with hot chick saying something about a horse music.

Anyway, Jafar will translate the intro to "My Horse Must Lose" now:

In the Sky!
I have seen my DeSTiNY!
My Horse Must Loose..HAHAHA

Heretic actually does sound like coldplay. That song could be huge. Fucillio Auto Mall Huge.

It could be on MySPace Pages EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!


10:38 PM, April 16, 2007  

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