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Top 10 Albums For Providing White Noise

I'm certain that I'm not the only aviator who is emotionally dependent on her I-pod, or for that matter music. Looking back on 2006 I also can't help but think back to 2005, and the fall of 2004 all of which had a tremendous influence on my music needs. Ever since i started law school I've been drawn to and sought out music compatible with the fact that all I do is study in the library. The silence is deafening, the detachment from music is incredibly stressful and unfortunately law isn't the kind of think I've been able to master while multitasking. The end result: several albums that are not only extraordinary musical feats, but also keep my mind focused and impervious to distraction. To all my fellow graduate and professional students, this list is dedicated to you.

10. Run Lola Run -- The Soundtrack

Probably what first comes to mind is that image from the opening credits where the soccer ball is punted into the air as the main title theme begins. What's cool about this soundtrack is that is comes back to a reprise of the main title theme. The albums a little hypnotic but also gets my adrenaline pumping.

9. David Axlerod - The Edge

Thank you Ritter for posting this to the box. Low Rawls You make Me So Very Happy is definitely in contention for greatest song ever.

8. RJD2 - Since We Last Spoke

A fantastic follow up to Deadringer. RJD2 is one of my favorite producers. I had the privilege of meeting him last year when he was performing with Blue Print as Soul Position. I think some people had a hard time with this album because Deadringer was so good and this albums deviates from Deadringer and is a bit more experimental. I say keep an open mind and give it another listen as I think you will like what you hear.

7. The Avalanches - Since I Left You

This is my favorite album of all time and has been for several years now. For those of you who don't know, The Avalanches are a totally awesome hip-hop group native to Australia. Since I left You is crafted almost entirely out of samples mixed together by the incredibly talented DJ Dexter. Perhaps the most recognizable track is Frontier Psychiatrist that found its way into many a European club and the soundtrack to some MTV shows. What's amazing about this album is that I've listened to it regularly for about 5 years now and ever time I listen to it i discover a new break beat that I never noticed before.

6. Pink Floyd - The Wall

Every time I mention to one of my fellow students that I really like listening to The Wall when I study they don't really understand why. Maybe it is because it is one of those established albums that is amusing to criticize. I put this album on my I-pod on a whim while studying for exams second semester of my 1L year just because I hadn't listened to it in a while. It's made an appearance and pretty much only makes an appearance every final exam since.

5. DJ- Baby Anne - Dark Side of the Boom

I posted some musings about DJ Baby Anne a while back. She's my favorite female DJ. Pretty Heavy on the beats, but not too heavy on the lyrics -- Perfect!

4. U.N.K.L.E. - Psyence Fiction

U.N.K.L.E is for the most part DJ James Lavelle (who I will discuss later) and DJ Shadow. This album has got some cool collaborators including Thom York and Mike D. It's a little hip hop, a little house, a little rock and a great barrier between me and the rest of a world. Interesting music fact: while surfing the web i discovered that David Axelrod who also graces this list remixed a track of this album titled Rabbit in Your Headlights, the track featuring Thom York. While almost a decade old, I have a feeling this album will be my next contribution to the box as I think you will all like this album but for different reasons and I'm curious to hear about it.

3. Globalunderground 23 - James Lavelle

James Lavelle is probably best described as a progressive house DJ. His mixes are pretty eclectic with sounds ranging from hip-hop to electronic, alternative rock and world. Amazing!

2. Back To Mine - Nick Warren

Back to Mine features famous DJ throwing together some fo their favorite tracks that generally wouldn't make their way into their live sets. So while you could dance to a couple of the other albums on this list this mix isn't really designed for that. It's down tempo and soothing.

1. Global Undergound #24 Nick Warren

Nick Warren graces my top 10 twice probably because his mixes, while trance, are more complicated and funkier than what usually comes to mind when we think of trance. I discovered this album back in college when amazon suggested that because I liked the James Lavelle mix at #3 I might also like Nick Warren. This mix was recorded in Reykjavik (one of the greatest cities in the world) which makes it even better. Track 4 samples a bit of dialogue from the film Snatch and also has this hypnotic melody that gives me chills.


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Nice topic. The less lyrics the better when it comes to this area of music.

I've been digiing ratatat to fill in my background. Aphex Twin and Squarepusher pump me up, but still let me focus ont the task at hand.

And of course, a littl YoYo Ma, Academy of St. Martin in the Fields, or John Williams classical guitar never goes amiss.

11:54 PM, January 02, 2007  
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Boards of Canada - Music has the Right to Children

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