Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Jafar Feldheim Nomination

I would like to formally declare my first nomination for the Feldheim. I nominate David Louis Pomeranz to join our prestigious group.

What makes Dave so qualified to join Feldheim?

Dave went to Cornell.
Dave took Judo at Cornell.
Dave was valedictorian of his high school.
Dave climbs rocks.
Dave plays instruments.
Dave is an engineer.
Dave is currently applying to med school.
Dave has a marshall and a mesa.
Dave loves NIN.
In his free time, Dave makes rope from his chest hair, and knifes from the teeth of baby seals.
Dave played chess against Chuck Norris.
Dave has a Chuck Norris poster.
Dave is Chuck Norris.

Seriously though, you all know Dave, you all know how elitist Dave is/can be/maybe one day will be…..and his credentials back it up. Since we have a couple hotelies, a soon to be lawyer, and a Persian, I figured we would be more well rounded with an engineer that currently works in medicine. Dave researches cool diseases, which means he has new material for jokes. He is the ideal candidate for anything the Feldheim may become, as well as what it is today. We need some new blood, and last I checked Dav’s T-Cell count was strong.

Strong like bull.



Blogger The Big Red Box said...

Fair enough. you know the rules for candidacy.

5:17 AM, September 21, 2006  
Blogger Toonzie said...

I'm all about diversity. so long as he posts have this picture in the upper left hand corner I say: Welcome to the club!

12:56 PM, September 21, 2006  

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