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Album Artwork: Shockingly Revisted, Now with Boobies

Glad to see Jafar giving us our dose of music related YouTube. I'd like to discuss album artwork as well. Browsing about—where tha Feldheim at, yo?—I came across the band Thee Shams.

Supposedly they have a 'gritty blues rock sound.' To me, that means they know neither how to play their instruments, nor how to produce a record. Still, looking at the cover of their album Please yourself, (NSFW!) I was impressed.

As an 85 year-old grandmother, I can appreciate a great rack better than anyone: I've years of experience with tits.

Just take a look a Murder She Wrote sometime. Full of boobs, that show was.

Surprisingly, the artwork itself is not shocking, not even really sexy. But I still want it in my collection to play on my XXX jukebox:

the MPR0N3 player.

Anyhow, the glorious mamms proudly display on Please Yourself, it got me thinking about other nudie albums. And then albums that have shocked and simultaneously delighted us across the years. To think Bow Wow Wow caused such a stir with their See Jungle! release 25 years ago. Now bunch of losers from Ohio plaster ta-tas across their album, probably in an attempt to garner press or attention.

Seriously, has anyone heard of these guys? Anyone in the Felheim?


Given the relative obscurity of the tuneage, this article is perhaps their most prominent to date. Which is funny cause I've never heard their music, and because this is the Feldheim. We're only a short step up from Blender. I venture to bombastically guess that albums have acheived fine artwork status. Basically, funbags are acceptable.

Wolfmother has a great set of jubblies on their record cover, and no one cares. However, years before, Pink Floyd released A Nice Pair to much oppositon from Americans. Jane's Addiction released the aptly titled Nothing's Shocking in '88 with 2 sets of milk balloons on the cover. The Pixies' Surfer Rosa was also released the same year. Also with little lungwart showing.

Since nudity is now suddenly OK, it has ceased to shock. But leave it to a punk band to make nudity shocking: almost all of Dwarves' (NSFW!) albums feature nudity and make it filthy enough it seems even Amazon won't display the image of their masterpiece, Blood, Guts, and Pussy. Although definitely NSFW, it's not so bad: it's just two naked women. And a naked little person. All covered in Blood.

Now for logical purposes—given the title of their record—the album artwork is a propos and quite representational of the title.

Discussing shocking albums would not be complete without a nod to Nashville Pussy, who's Let Them Eat Pussy album borders on the ridiculous. I mean, it's cool they have chicks in the band, but just imagine what they went through to come up with that name:

Backwoods Tennesee, late 1991
Bassist: "I like Chatanooga Snatch."
Drummer: Too long. Clarksville Clit? Jackson Hole?
Guitarist: No, no. The Monkees did Clarksville already. And Jackson hole is just a little TOO dirty. What about Memphis Cock'n'Balls?
Lead Singer: Uh-uh; no way. We agreed on female gentalia. I thought that's why everybody voted down Louisville Grundle.
Guitarist: Grundle doesn't even count. Besides Louisville in in Mississippi
Lead Singer: It's an erogenous zone, isn't it?
Guitarist: I always thought Mississippi was a commonwealth.
Lead Singer: You're a commonwealth.
Bassist: Hey! C'mon, fighting won't get us anywhere. For the record, Louisville is not in Mississippi. It's in Alabama.
Drummer: To the matter at hand, hows about Tri-Cities Twat?
Guitarist: For the love of...we're gonna be here all day with our 'Tenessee metropolitan area + vagina' formula. We could go on and on: Knoxville Labia, Nashville Pussy, Murfreesboro Cunt—
Lead Singer: Wait...what was that second one?"

Interestingly enough after racking my brain, Wikipedia has a list of album covers with nudity. But not all of these are shocking. While we covered great album artwork, so many album covers have been deemed offensive Amorica? Electricarryland? Nevermind? Aren't some of the covers that shock us also the great ones?


Blogger Jafar said...


I agree with you, some of the covers that have shocked us throughout the years are truly the face of great albums.

One (or two) of the more shocking album covers belong to Metallica. No, not the black album. I'm talking load and reload. Load features artist Andres Serrano's own semen and bovine blood squished between two sheets of plexiglas. On ReLoad, Mr. Serrano decided to go with his own Urine and bovine blood between two sheets of plexiglas.

For pictures and more info, go here:

10:00 AM, October 10, 2006  

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