Sunday, October 08, 2006

White Pony: Disc Two

So some of you have heard the wondrousness of disc one. Is wondrousness even a word?

Fuck yes it is.

You will not like disc two. It is rife with tumult: distorted vocals, over crunched guitars, and simplified yet poignant percussiveness makes disc two the metal portion. Disc one was far reaching, with it's digital beats and forthcoming guitar tracks. Disc two is more raw than hardcore porn.

While tracks like Feiticeira and Passenger have the same yearning, somewhat sharp vocals heard throughout disc one, it is tracks like Elite break through like the Kool Aid man and kicking the tranquil asses of Teenager and Digital Bath.

For the pure genius, listen to Back to School. I know, I know, rapcore, g-punk, whatever you want to call it is a tired genre. But surely one cannot write off greats like Rage Against the Machine, the Beasties, or Body Count, simply because of genre association.

Radiohead was hailed as genius for (among other things) dual versions of Morning Bell on Amnesiac and Kid A. How can anyone take a song as somber and expansive as Pink Maggit and turn it into Back to School? I dunno. Despite the tempo and the disparate vocals, I think each version evokes the same emotions in the listener, a subdued yet focused yearning for more. More of what?

That's up to you.

As I'm sure you'll notice, disc one is mostly even tracks, disc two mostly odd. The album as a whole is a paradox; each track contradicting the one that came before it. After listening to disc two, listen to White Pony as it was intended.

Lemme know your thoughts


Blogger Jafar said...


I have a question for the Feldheim. Who besides Blossom, Jafar, and Angela have actually listened to this entire album? If you have leave a comment.

1:56 PM, October 11, 2006  
Blogger lunchbox said...

In a very non-Ritteresque nature, I am actually a big fan of White Pony. I think that its much more progressive and ambitious than Adrenaline or Around the Fur. Angela herself turned me on to the subtleties and quick changes of the Northern California metal while at Princeton. Needless to say, it is interesting to listen to the album in a new light as Angela decided to split the tracks. I'm not sure yet how I feel about the split, but I at least understand the point. Deftones actually go against my trend of not liking Grammy-award winning artists.

9:56 AM, October 12, 2006  

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