Monday, November 27, 2006

Anticipatory Joanna Newsom/William Callahan Extravaganza Post

Thank you drag city. Going to see Joanna with beau Callahan back 2 back on Wed. & Thurs. in Malibu & LA. Expecting great things to happen, and I know they will.

Danielson (of the re: Family of)

It's still sunny in LA. I went to the beach during thanksgiving break, and it was 74. What does this all mean? It means I'm posting some mutha F'n Gospel Music for November. Jafar? Gospel? Christianity? Doritos?

I wanted to post Isis's incredible Oceanic but the file sizes (and the fuzz) are too massive for the box. So instead of metal you get pop. Not just any pop. This is pop of the ages.

Danielson's Ships will probably crack most Top 5/10 “Albums of the Year” lists that will be coming out in the next 5 weeks. Some categorize Danielson as Indie Pop, others as Gospel, some as Avant-Pop. All would be correct. The band’s members include 6 siblings. Danielson actually stands for Danielson Famile. Sufjan Stevens (Ritter’s Wet Dream) is also in and out of this act. The ‘Hoof (Deerhoof) are all over this album.

Ships, Daneilson's first album in 5 years is a masterpiece. Harmonies and melodies are intertwined in a creative orchestra of pop greatness. If you enjoy pop music, hear it here at its best.

For those of you who are wondering what the fuck I am doing listening to “gospel” music, give this disc a spin and you’ll realize that there is no preaching. I am not a fan of the Jesus Camp’s of the world, but I am a fan of life. All you Donnie Darko fans know that god is Awesome. This album is a celebration bitches. A celebration of life. Ain’t nuthin wrong with that.

Vote Romney.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Jafar's Monthly Video Post

the power of editing + the power of music ---------->

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Bachelor Pad: Cheesy or Funky?

I got caught up in the neo-lounge musical movement of the early 2000's. This music, championed by the 18th Street Lounge label, was referred to as the new bachelor pad music. Lounge music, which always had roots in easy-listening rhythms such as bossa-nova, jazz, and mod-bubblegum-pop, was now being "remixed" with world music samples (Thank you Angela) and downtempo beats. You've heard this from Thievery Corporation, The Blue States, Kruder & Dorfmeister, Tosca, etc.

Needless to say though, it is not very good music. Much of the original music that is sampled is decent; but the remixes typically either ruin the song, or do not do enough to change the music for it to be a true re-mix. Also, there is a very fine line between some of these lounge grooves and smooth jazz, which is unequivocally the worst type of music on the planet Earth. The reason really why I think that 'lounge music' became repopular again is because it is easy to listen to, typically has a good beat, and the good stuff samples very obscure music - thus giving the listener the double ego-boost of feeling both hip and elite. I recall the bar staff at Dino's all jerking each other off when The Last Man in Babylon was released.

Contrary to popular belief, "bachelor pad" music is what single dudes play when they are single because no one else wants to hear that garbage (in addition to the music being so sexually charged that he ends up gaining steam for his sexually frustrated engine). But, people think that its hip to play at dinner parties. Needless to say, I decided against submitting any downtempo albums and decided to go a different way with my bachelor pad post. I am submitting two albums this month, each of which would be amusing to play at a different types of dinner parties.

The first is the type of album that you play at your first wine and cheese party after college. Oh you feel so mature because you decided to blow some extra cash and get Trader Joe's wine as opposed to the boxed stuff. Yuck, Pepper Jack and White Cheddar cubes just seem to sophomoric, and you decide to go with Fontina and Jarlsberg. You break out your retro sports coat and call everyone "baby." Adorable, 24 going on douchebag. Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bacharach is actually a fun album when not taken too seriously. Cal Tjader, the latin-jazz vibraphonist interprets the songs of the 60's quintessential pop-music puss hound, Burt "Boner" Bacharach (Thank you Austin Powers). Anyway, the arrangements are impressive and is an enjoyable listen before wanting to kick your own ass later.

The second is the type of album that you play at your first outdoor barbecue with your new friends when you move into the city. Some of your friends may even be (oh my god how exotic!) minorities, and you want to seem hip and urban without trying too hard. The Jukebox 45's by Peanut Butter Wolf may just be the perfect album. PB Wolf is a Nor-Cal hip-hop DJ from the 90's, who like every Nor-Cal hip-hop DJ from the 90's was obsessed with old funk and soul. This album is a compliation of both collaborations that he had made (some of which have rapping) as well as old funk and soul songs that he liked. Ergo, the album has the feeling of a cross-over generational block party that will have your black friends giving you the head-nod of respect, and maybe even a fist pound.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

This is a journey into sound

For your listening pleasure I've posted to the box this month:

Pet Shop Boys: Discography. I'll cross reference a previous post if you are interested in further discussion. Do indulge in this compilation of some of the best from one of my favorite electronic music duos.

I've also provide Cut Chemist: The audience's Listening. While I only acquired it about a week ago it has quickly made it's way into my all time greatest circle. We all have musicians we admire and to and cut chemist is one such musician -- a major player in the underground hip hop scene. This album is phenomenal, the tracks are seamless and of course it was all created using turntables - one can't argue with that. On a personal note I picked up the album when I was at his show about a week ago. I was right up front and got to speak into the microphone and have what I said mixed into his live performance. It was pretty sweet. He also autographed and gave me the DVD that he recorded it on and wished me luck with the burgeoning career as a turntablist. It was awesome, I was totally smitting.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Fall of Troy: F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X.

I usually hate it when band re-records their EP or shitty sounding independent release and release it as a new album. I've been enjoyng their 2003 initial release for the past month or so. I also thought threesome usually needed a lead singer or another guitarist.

That is, until I found this track.

F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X, off their relatively new release Doppelganger is a redux of the hideously titled F.C.P.S.I.T.S.G.E.P.G.E.P.G.E.P. from their 2003 release. It evokes the At-The Drive In, Funeral for a Friend, and even some of my old hardcore faves .

Is it sacrilege to post a music video on feldheim? I mean besides some children's entertainer. Like a serious music video?

We'll find out:

Pre-emptive Comments

Angela: "This is earth shatteringly groundbreaking rock. It changes the very paradigm of what we know as music."

Toonces: "Not bad. I actually kind of enjoy it. But it kinda sounds like it's off beat at some points like that one Led Zeppelin song. I am a DJ. I can pick that stuff out. Anyways, you like that definitely check out this band called Joy Division. You'd totally dig it."

Blossom: "Irregardless. What a blatant Pearl Jam rip off."

Ritter: "I don't get it, bro. Why don't they slow it down and throw in some world music samples?"

Jafar: "Dude. I lived in Brooklyn. Fucking brook-lyn, aiight? Man, I knew about these guys four years ago before they were even a band and saw them twice in a club you'd never be able to find because it's not even a club: it's actually an abandoned butcher fridge in an alley in Prospect Heights . Now where'd I put those chuck taylors..."

Screech: "UFIA. That guitarwork is totally l33t, 100% teh h4x04r. ytmnd. w00t."

Woody: "I really, truly, utterly, and completely love men."

Biff: "I have my own internet company. That means I'm really busy. Seriously! Why doesn't anyone believe me?"

Friday, November 03, 2006

In Flames: Come Clarity

It seems that Pitchfork will give any ambient sub-pop/electronica or post-punk/noise-dance act at least an 6.5. And it would seem the only thing cooler than being brooklyn based is to be norse. Icelandic, Norway, or Sweden will pretty much guarantee a place in the heart of a body shrouded in faded ringer tee.

In Flames should be Pitchfork darlings

In Flames is a Norse outfit, so I guess they got that going for them in the alternate reality that is the Pitchfork rating system, but this band will not be opening for Sigur Ros any time soon. Yeah, they're Swedish, but even Bjork might think them to be a little dissonant. Why not? I suppose it could be because These guys might be considered thrashcore. Perhaps goth, death metal, perhaps even speedmetal at points. But subgenres be damned. Call it whatever the hell you want to. This disc is 100%-pure-knuckles-to-the-teeth metal.

Can I understand a word lead vocalist Anders Fridénsays? Most of the time, no. But whoopdeshit, nobody knows what anyone says in music. No Trent Reznor was singing, "I want a duck shaped like a triangle."

So just pretend it's swedish and that you're not supposed to understand.

Besides, Looking at that picture I could have told you he was an acoustic singer songwriter. He's got dreads and everything!

But this pic is the fury of the man on the stage:

I know the majority of you will not add this album to your playlist. But I've been on a bit of a metal kick lately so mustn't I transcend my it to Feldheim? Or perhaps schadenfreude my motivation for my recent Feldheim post? Maybe I want you irk you all by posting something at which you will immediately turn up your elite noses?

No. I just want you to listen to the first track.

Just the first track, "Take This Life." The first 50 seconds invade your ears, kicking down the door, giving way to a head bangingly good chorus. Despite the blistering pace, the phrasing is ubiquitously trepidatious, as the melody makes sudden u-turns only to find its way back to the original route.

The the bridge offers a rave-worthy build up only to break out into a growl and a coda back to the intro closing with the chorus. The percussion is expressive but not intrusive, the guitar work throughout methodical.

And fucking fast.

You'd think they had a palm mute pedal.

I only ask you listen to track number one to sample some phenomenal metal. But listen to Reflect the Storm, Come clarity for depth of rock and some hooks. The problem I have with a lot of black metal that incorporates melody is that it comes off sounding operatic and dumb. What I love about metal like this is that everyone can yell. Just about anyone can sing. But not a lot of people can yell like this.

Listen to Leeches, Dead End, and Versus Terminus for driving beats, machine gun riffs, but also because of choruses catchy enough that you can hum along.

Or check out Crawl Through Knives just for its badassness

This is a great disc. But I'm gonna make like LeVar Burton, and look at kiddie porn. As well as say, "Don't take my word for it," my hipster friends. For despite some jabs, your beloved Pitchfork rated In Flames' Come Clarity a 7.3.

Now you're not cool if you don't like it.