Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Beck & Ass Kicking

I want to kick Beck's ass.

I'm not sure what it is. I think if you are a scientologist and you get married and have a kid you turn lame. Well, Beck, put on a performance last night @ the element in Hollywood. About 500 people were there, one among them was I, representing Iran and everything that is cool in this town.

First off, here's Beck's wife:

Secondly, here's Beck:

Thirdly, here's Beck's kid:

Fourthly, i would like to state that I am a Beck fan. Particularly of Banjo Story, Midnite Vultures, Mutations, and Sea Change.

I think his new ish is realtively boring.

No stage presence, no charisma, no confidence. His band, while very talented musically, came of as LA hispters that I wanted to fight. Actually, the show sounded good, he sounded good, the band sounded good, but they were just annoying and the fact that Beck wasn't into it ruined it for me. The main thing was my feeling of animosity, personally, towards Beck, which is a rare thing for me......kinda.

The new songs have great moments, but it's a lot of the same guero least live.

I'm done wasting my time on this. Have a nice day.


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