Sunday, July 02, 2006

Two from the Seventies

I am going to follow in the same tradition of my last post - as well as follow our dear Toonces' example - and submit two CD's again. Additionally, I am going to include my own new rating system, that of describing the best time to put on the music. Every other review site has their respective number of stars, number out of ten, whatever system. I will take the judgmental high road and simply tell you when and why you should listen to the music.

DARONDO, "Let My People Go": This is an excellent rare find of classic, cheesy 70's soul. I cannot take credit for the rare dig as it is one of the featured CD's from Ubiquity Records; however, I like my music like the way I like my steaks and my anal sex: rare. Apparently, he was this Bay Area dude who sang cool soul and got chicks before having some drug/money issues and falling into obscurity before reemerging years later when the hip kids need to find something different to listen to and submit it amongst their hipster friends' selections (the old familiar story). Go here to watch a funny video of Darando yelling about something inconsequential.
WHEN TO LISTEN: On the third date with a new boy/girlfriend and it is the first time your love interest is in your car. This will show you to be classy, funny, not taking things too seriously, and straight up craving sex and revolution.

DJ SPINNA, "Funkrock": DJ Spinna is a contemporary DJ known for his dance remixes who compiled this selection of funky rock cuts (guess where the name of the album came from) for this compilation. Although any compilation is actually just a fancy mix tape, Spinna did a great job finding and ordering dirty, meaty, plastic 70's tracks. There is some good stuff on here from Steve Winwood, Sly and the Family Stone, and a great cover of "Aquarius" by The Moog Machine. Personal favorite track is "Anti-Love Song" by Betty Davis; a woman who was dirtier than Lil' Kim and more independent than Biff's future wife. Very scandalous.
WHEN TO LISTEN: Driving back from your new boy/girlfriend's house after your third date and apparently the Darondo softened up the situation and you ended up having some theatrically raunchy intimate time. You are proud of your soiled T-Shirt and are happy that you found someone as deranged as you are. You decide to not tell your friends about the experience and listen to this album while smoking a cigarette.


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