Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Top 10 Albums of 2006 according to one of the Top 10 Jews of all time

"There's no preface to this, let's get down to business"
-Feldheim, spoken in a thick Long Island accent to an unsuspecting victim

1. Joanna Newsom - Ys
Quite simply the most beautiful album of the year. Joanna has followed up her underrated debut with a record that is much more refined - it has five songs. Van Dyke Parks' string arrangements are just gorgeous. The strides that she has taken since her underrated first release Milk Eyed Mender are staggering. Plus you need to be at least a little elite can when you release 5 songs and call it an LP.

2. Destroyer - Rubies
After seeing Destroyer open for the New Pornographers (of which he is a sometime member) I became obsessed. Snatching up every recording I could find. I consider him the best songwriter of our generation. Rubies is probably the most accessible Destroyer album, but it doesn't lack the depth of his other records. It's still brilliant.

3. Sunset Rubdown - Shut Up I'm Dreaming
See my original review of this for the details -- this album just rocks.

4. Califone - Roots and Crowns
Grungy, grimy, bluesy, jazzy folk rock tinged with electronic blips and loops. The songcraftsmanship (not sure if that's a word) and production on this album is are absolutely incredible.

5. Peter, Bjorn and John - Writer's Block
Pure pop bliss. These guys take influences from everyone from the Velvet Underground to the Flaming Lips to Elvis Costello and the Beach Boys.

6. Liars - Drums Not Dead
A fantastic experimentation in sound. Liars sound like a darker, less tribal sounding, minimalist Animal Collective. This would be a great album if you were trapped in a moist dark cave filled with banshees (e.g. Feldheim). Its alienating and entrancing at the same time. I keep thinking it would make a great soundtrack for Eyes Wide Shut.

7. Grizzly Bear - Yellow House
Can you feel the kniii...iiiii.iiiiiife. Can you feel the kniii...iiiii.iiiiiife.

8. Danielson - Ships
If any pop album can be considered an epic -- this is it. Fantastically weird vocal stylings and melodies. It's one of the few really ambitious records that doesn't fall flat on its face..

9. Swan Lake - Beast Moans
An indie supergroup consisting of three of my favorite musicians on the scene today (Dan Bejar of Destroyer, Carey Mercer of Frog Eyes and Spencer Krug of Sunset Rubdown/Wolf Parade). The only reason this did not become the greatest record of all time is due to a lack of cohesiveness -- they can't quite mesh their massive talents together to form the uber-band Swan Lake could've been. The Bejar songs are the real highlights of the album -- proving once again Destroyer is king.

10. Bob Dylan - Modern Times
The man cannot be stopped. The follow-up to 1999's Love and Theft is just as good. Have you guys ever seen him live? There's usually a point in the show where he just glares at the crowd in complete silence. I'm pretty sure its not on purpose, and he's just dead. But he's either God or that cheerleader from Heroes -- most likely God. I have no idea what this has to do with the list or the album, but I don't feel like writing anymore.

After all, I'm a lazy Jew.


Blogger lunchbox said...

It's good to have you back... now post some music and keep it up.

Now let's hope that the lazy Italian-Jew and (not sure of his racial make-up) Screech follow suit and contribute.

Happy Hannukah

10:22 AM, December 22, 2006  
Blogger woody.allen said...

I should be around on a consistent basis from here on out

11:24 AM, December 23, 2006  

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