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A Great Social Experiment: The Enigma that is the Double Disc

Any band that has put out a number of albums peaks at some point. Some bands hit big and fade out much like the Spin Doctors or the Gin Blossoms. Both bands have new albums out. Both with 'hot' new singles.


But some bands build up years and years only to hit their stride a couple albums in like Korn, or Blink 182.

Of course some bands can hit big and return years later like Green Day or Weezer.

Basically anything can happen to group over the course of its existence. I think, though, the the thing that's agreeable is whenever a double disc is released, down the tubes the band goes.

The Beatles, the White Album
The Smashing Pumpkins, Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness
Pink Floyd, The Wall
Led Zeppeling, Physical Grafitti
Oukast, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below
Nine Inch Nails, The Fragile

What will happen to Outkast and Nine Inch Nails has yet to be seen. Each has only released one album since their monumental two-fers. However, if the doublewhammies before them are any indication, we can kiss them both good bye.

I think the double album itself deserves some addressing in a forumlike the Feldheim. What is the nature of the double album itself. why has it been slowly diminishing in our culture? I would think, perhaps, that the album itself is a hard enough sell these days, let alone a two in one. Besides, weren't these double albums just a regular albums' worth of tunage stuffed with filler to make 28 tracks? We'll leave it to the comments...

Well, Deftones never put out a double album, but White Pony came in a couple versions, and the one of the first singles was a B-side, not even on the originally released album. Whoa. History repeats itself again.

Deftones, as well, has only released one album since White Pony, as their front man has entangled himself in the side project Team Sleep. But, I think, much like the aforementioned dueces, what they do after White Pony doesn't matter. For with this album, they single-handedly changed the face of rock, and killed the abhorrent "nu-metal" movement.

Now I know what you're thinking: "Angela thinks metal is the greatest music since ragtime."

Of course that's what I think. And I think you hippie-haired, pot smoking, converse-wearing, blazer-n-jeans sporting hipster scum like metal and just don't know it. Yeah, The Kinks?: You Really Got Me. Ray Davies cut the cone of the speaker in his amp to get that crunch for which suburban kids these days (including myself) just buy a pedal. I know you like the song. I think it's a precursor to metal.

And how can we forget AC/DC. And they rock. You probably even have a vintage AC/DC t-shirt.

Watch out. Back to the Beatles: Twist and Shout. A bunch of white guys yelling over repeated power chords. Who doesn't like that song? Go ahead and try to tell me there's anyone alive who doesn't love it. Ferris fuckin Bueller sang it.

He's the epitome of likeability.

Thanks to him,leopard-print vests weren't just for queers and waspy urbanite women any longer!

But back to the matter at hand. If double discs are chock full of filler, what if we took a single album of qual breadth and depth, and split it up? What if...

2I want you to listen to White Pony like it was a double disc. We have iTunes, we can do this.

Disc One:
Digital Bath
Rx Queen
Knife Prty
Change (In the House of Flies)
Pink Maggit

Disc Two:
Street Carp
Back to School

Listen to Disc one.

Listen to it.

Listen to it like I told it was the album: 'For All We've Known and Left,' by a band called The Nova Canes. Listen to it like it hasn't yet been released.

Since I'm in the third world, and bandwidth is sparse, I will only post disc number one this month. Listen to it. Listen to it for a month. I guarantee you will not believe your ears when you hear disc two as a juxtaposition.

The vocals of Chino Moreno (who counts morissey, Rivers Cuomo, Robert Smith and David Gahan among his inspirations)are all slightly sharp and seemingly fuzzy, like he's whispering even when he's hitting a high B flat. The percussion is stripped down and organic, yet elaborate and syncopated. The guitar is sparse enough to let the ambient sound shine through, but at times blends in to become one with the white sound, methodically, and melodically assimilating into one being.

Digital Bath is an opus drunken revelry in the self. instruments don't define themselves in this track, so much as they make love to one another.

Rx Queen with it's intoxicating beat, forlorn love overtones, and longing lyrics like "you're my girl and that's alright/if you stay I won't mind," paints a aural picture that would sustain itself without the power chords, but only supports their use further, rather than paradoxically contrasting.

Radiohead wishes they wrote Teenager. It makes you want to close your eyes and dissect the distinct parts of the noise into each one's own respective being.

You start to get a taste for the rock from Knife Prty, but the fact that you can hear snare and crash cymbals clearly through the distortion, ultimately erupting with amazing vocals from an unknown named Rodleen.

Change is metal. It is driving, head banging, chant a long metal. But it is so somber it deserves to be disc one material.

Pink Maggit is the anticlimax of the faux first and the actual album. The jam is so patient, once you know the kick you want it more than that next drag/drink/hit/rush/fuck/slap.

Oh yeah.

Remember you fuckers wanted one album/week.

Lemme know your take.


Blogger Toonzie said...

Just so were're clear, I never wanted one album/per week.

9:20 AM, September 04, 2006  
Blogger Jafar said...


You make some interesting declarations regarding the double discs that I will have to answer to at some point in the near future.

I would like to state, however, that everything you claimed about White Pony is true. That album is one of the greatest albums ever written, period. Deftones is one of the most unappreciated bands in the history of rock, and man do I love 'em. I would highly recommend Around the Fur also. Fucking sic man......fucking sic. I am interested to see if anyone partakes in Joe's experiment besides myself. I don't really count, because I've heard that album more times than I can remember. So, to all of you non-deftones fans, (which is everyone except for Angela and I), I urge you to do this.......more for yourselves......but also for the Feldheim.

10:55 PM, September 04, 2006  

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