Tuesday, June 06, 2006

So today Is 06.06.06.

You'd think I'd post about a slipknot album or something. Perhaps Ozzy Osbourne? No, that's not devil music. Marilyn Manson? Not even.

In the highly under-rated Adam Sandler film Little Nicky, Sandler's character denouces Ozzy's satanism by play a chicago record backwards revealing satanic messages.

Perhaps the Devil is where we least expect it in our music. So in honor of the devil's day, I am offering a special feldheim post, quite possibly the most satanic album ever made:

Lie: the Love and Terror Cult

I actually think you're gonna like this album: It's rife with balladry, psychadelic imagery, and even a little hippie sensibility.

Plus it's a shitty recording released in 1968 which should immediately entice at least 4 of the Feldheim Seven. "Cease to Exist" is actually a cover of the beach boys tune, "never Learn Not to Love, an numerous artists have sampled, referenced, and covered many of the tracks of this most heinously devilish disc.

But seriously, a cover of the Beach Boys? What makes this disc so bad?

Nothing, really I guess......LTLTC is a folk recording. It's not the greatest of folk, the songs have an eerie despondent plague, yet an undeniable buoyant clarity.

It's somehow strangely strangely enjoyable.

I just wouldn't play it backwards.....

Through the satanism, please remember:


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