Monday, June 12, 2006

How Frankenstein Lost Control of His Monster

Macuau, it's kinda like atlantic city. At night the, the bright lights hide it's, uh, character.

Strangely enough, it seems to have been around for ever and still hasn't found it's identity.

Like the jewish people.


But all this internationalitynization has got me thinking. Of what the feldheim could be.

Right now it's a sewer, a combination of multiple dumps from multiple places all going in one direction. But it could be so much more.

With a little help from my friends.

First is the organization of the blog. I think Ritter has some fantastic ideas, that have been forwarded on, but I can't quite figure out how to do it.

You are now all administrators of Feldheim. Let's see if we can't make this a little better together.

Of course, after we get this thing good enough to go, we can start talking about new invites. I think we should expand this thing rapidly, but to avoid the inevitable cluster fuck of growing too big for our britches I think we should continue with the soft opening for now.

However, when in advance of the new guests, I would like to nominate the first new member. this young lady would be a wonderful addition to the feldheim. The first three band alone are reason enough. Any one else have nominations? I think we're looking for real winners.

I wanna push you a-round.

Well ah will.

Well ah will


Blogger Toonzie said...

is this a joke that i'm just not getting? Maybe it's because i'm two thirds of the way towards getting a doctorate but the whole elitist and exclusive part where we impose our collective selves on the rest of the world was what i liked best about this project. Although I'm not opposed to organization...

6:56 AM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Jafar said...

well, toonzie, i say we can maintain out elitist standards as long as we bring in people who share them.

9:15 AM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Jafar said...

I have three and only three nominations for people to join this blog/club/cult. They will stimulate and participate. They know their shit, they share elitist standards, and they are good peoples.

1.) Lucas Hanft - Fellow Ivy Leaguer, (Yale). Simply put, he is a necessity for this blog. If I have one pick right now it's him. J-Rock, you know what I'm talking about.

2.) Michael Albright - Not an Ivy Leaguer, but a musician and filmmaker. He will be attending UCLA Film School in the fall, he will have good access to stuff we wont. Plus, he's the fucking man.

3.) David Louis Pomeranz - Fellow Cornellian. You all know him. So you all know he's the shit. I started a band with this kid in Brooklyn, and lived with him for 5 years.

If they join, nothing but good will come out of it. Plus, my friends are cooler than yours.

- Ali

9:33 AM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger woody.allen said...

If Lucas joins what albums am I going to post?

10:13 AM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Jafar said...

Good point Woody. This will push us to search for our own "dopeness" and not rely on the hard work of Lucas. If the blog factor didn't exist, things may have been different. I want opinions yo. I want Commentary.

BIFF.....WHERE YOU AT??????????

10:16 AM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Toonzie said...

can we get some more estrogen involved in this endeavour? On second thought...maybe not the best idea. But i think ali not osama's proposals are slanted towards people we know. if we do invite anyone i vote for strangers because it adds volitility.

i'm writing this from the new apple store on 5th ave in NYC right now. i took a great glass elevator to get here.

do i at least win the award for the first drunken spontaneous post?

7:45 PM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger The Big Red Box said...

OK. So that chick form myspace, was a joke absolutely.

I think key to feldheim membership is diversity, elitism, sarcasm, tolerance, and great taste in music.

However, first we must make this great ourselves.

Ritter wants to have organization: reviews, rants, random albums of... stuff, etc.

Screech, I know you can do good net stuff, Biff, for sure is a champ.

of course biff jsut posted a an ethnic instrumental album in a very "oooh, I'm so worldy and cultured" move. BITCH! I'm posting from CHINA!

We must first continue our trial, and make this something worthwhile to which we will be proud to invite the elite.

11:23 PM, June 13, 2006  
Blogger Jafar said...

you guys are such elitists........i shall continue to lobby........

11:07 PM, June 14, 2006  
Blogger The Big Red Box said...

at least the first drunken post from an apple store. The sobriety of previous posts, (un)fortunately cannot be determined for sure.

Frankly, I think I'm drunk most of the time whether I'm posting or not.

3:34 AM, June 16, 2006  

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